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Update on the roof at Christ the King

Those of you who attend Christ the King will notice that there are a few more wet patches and one tile hanging precariously from the ceiling over the nave of the church. This is being dealt with but, please avoid the roped off area until it is sorted out.

The decision has now been made to delay the replacement works on the church roof until after Easter next year and then to only re-do the main roof and the roof over the sanctuary.

When we received the tenders for the replacement of the whole roof (main & side roofs) it came to a staggering £550 thousand pounds. We instructed the architect to re-tender for just the main roof and the roof over the sanctuary to try and reduce this amount as much as possible. The new figure is £255 thousand pounds. This is still a huge amount of money and a further decision was made to postpone any works until next year to avoid additional costs of covering the roof over the winter and spring to enable work to be carried out during this period.

It is more important than ever that we, as a whole parish, pull together now to try and raise this money. I am appealing for anyone who feels that they might be able to help on either the Steering or Fundraising Committees to contact me, or Madeleine. If you think that you could make any contributions to either group in terms of energy, passion or expertise, you would be most welcome. Some member of the Holy Family congregations have already been approached but more are needed. The first meeting of the Steering Committee is at 8.00pm on Wednesday (23rd October) in the parish lounge at Christ the King. If you think this might interest, you then please come along.

We are in the process of establishing a new, dedicated, bank account so that people will be able to set up standing orders for donations to the roof fund. Gift Aid forms will also be available in due course. Speak to your family and friends, see if other people might want to do the same or if they would like to do any form of personal fundraising to help.

Just a note of reassurance, there will be no churches closed.

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